A next-generation consultancy and venture resources firm.


Consulting + Venture Resources

Providing business development services to clients in exchange for financial compensation, equity, or both.

With a synergistic core of experts in branding, operations, finance, and technology, combined with a first-class team of nimble, adept partners, Cloudshadow is uniquely positioned to deliver a full range of services.


Customized Solutions

That Fit Any Client’s Needs

The Cloudshadow team quickly assesses its client’s needs, develops customized solutions and deploys highly skilled partners for seamless execution.

  • Mastery: Skill and expertise across the entire portfolio of services

  • Resourcefulness: Ingeniously clever approaches for quick, efficient solutions

  • Discipline: Tight, consistent team execution to ensure precise implementation

Software Development

Accelerate your business objectives through the creation of scalable and value-driven software applications and experiences.

IT Services

Professional IT support that provides proactive problem solving technologies to keep your operations running smoothly.

Digital Marketing

Educate, engage, and connect with new prospects to drive more traffic, increase conversions, and ignite revenue growth.

Brand Development

Powerful brand architecture designed to resonate with your customers, while delivering a strong market presence.

Management Consulting

Our experienced executives will provide business mentoring to help get your company on a path to success and solid growth.

Operations Consulting

A holistic approach which identifies roadblocks and uncovers opportunities that to create operational efficiencies for your organization.


Our Philosophy

Cloudshadow recognizes the potential in entrepreneurs and wants to partner with early-stage companies to ensure their success.

If your business plan requires funding, software development, user experience (UX), branding, system architecture and/or design, Cloudshadow wants to speak with you.  Once the opportunity is fully vetted, we invest billable hours in your projects to become investors in your company – our work in exchange for equity.



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